How to choose the perfect mattress cover

The perfect mattress cover.

How to choose the best mattress cover for our bed. Let Soft & Soft advise you in choosing the mattress cover, with our over 70 years in the field of linen, we select the best products at the most competitive prices.

The importance of a good mattress cover is often underestimated. The mattress cover is essential to ensure perfect hygiene of our bed, and to protect the mattress, which will last longer and will be preserved from stains, bad smells and bacteria, however, we must consider that there are different needs.

For those who do not have particular needs, a traditional mattress cover in pure cotton of heavy fabric like jeans, white, is certainly an excellent choice, the important thing is that the fabric is heavy, very beaten to protect at best. The advantages of these mattress covers are: easy washing in the washing machine even at high temperatures, they are not afraid of bleaches or dryers; chosen of the right size, they remain beautifully stretched on the bed, when stored they take up little space and have a low cost. As maintenance for an always clean and perfect bed, it is advisable to wash them once a month. On our site in the Mattress covers section, you will find them in all sizes, single, double, for a single and a half bed, for a 100 cm bed, for French beds, they are our exclusive products and have been successfully tested for years.

An excellent alternative are also the cotton terry mattress covers, made of dense and absorbent pure cotton terry, they are thicker than cotton canvas mattress covers, and more elastic, have a greater absorbency, are easy to wash, even if like the whole sponge tends a little more to retain hair dust etc. They are not afraid of bleaches or high temperatures, they are a bit more bulky when placed in the closet, and the rule is always to wash them once a month. Of these we also have a very elastic model, for non-standard size beds, thinner and lighter than traditional ones, but which also comes very well with particularly large beds.

Soft & Soft also has a line of waterproof mattress covers for those with special needs. Our SICURO mattress protectors completely protect the mattress from liquids, while remaining completely imperceptible. Our Safe mattress cover is highly performing, made of light and very thin cotton sponge, on the side of the mattress it is covered with a micro-perforated polyurethane microfilm that acts as a barrier to liquids, but allows normal perspiration. It was born as a product for clinics but given the high comfort it immediately passed to the home and to accommodation facilities. Easy to treat, machine washable up to 90 °, it is a super hygienic product, purchased for the most diverse uses, especially for small children, but also by those who want to completely protect the mattress from unpleasant stains and odors. We have two lines of waterproof mattress protectors, the Safe line with the mattress cover made in a hood as a bottom sheet with corners, and another line made like a bag with a zip, where the mattress is completely bagged, and the closing zip is impenetrable. to insects, you can find it here: waterproof anti-bugs mattress cover with single zip and waterproof anti-bugs mattress cover with double zip.

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