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Rubbered terry, sold by the meter cm 140

Rubbered terry, sold by the meter; on one side it is made of pure cotton, while on the other it is a smooth anti-slip and waterproof white rubber. From multiple uses. It can be used as a clothespin to protect the table and at the same time under the tablecloths makes everything softer and reduces noise. Perfectly protects the table. In addition to giving the classic softness to the touch, completely preserves the table from any kind of stain. It can be used both on one side and on the other, if you keep it with the rubberized side in contact with the table it is very stable, while if you keep it with the rubber side on it becomes much easier to keep clean as it is cleaned with a damp cloth. The sponge side makes this product also suitable for use as a crosspiece, mattress protector, both as a support for glasses and for the baby changing table. Measurements: it is sold by the meter and is 140 cm in height. It does not need to be edged because the gumming prevents it from fraying, so it can be shaped to your liking. TO ORDER MT. 1.5 PUT IN THE QUANTITY 1.5 It is machine washable at 30 ° Composition: 100% cotton terry Gommina: 100% PVC
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