Choose the best pillow for you

Choose the best pillow for you

The pillow is very important for a restful sleep, and everyone has different characteristics. Soft & Soft thanks to its experience of over 80 years in the home linen sector, has selected the best pillows / pillows for its customers.

    - The cushions in Memory or expanded polyurethane (Memory) have a very elastic padding, which adapts perfectly to the shape of the body and quickly returns to the initial shape; some like orthopedists or cervical ones have a shaped padding to guarantee the best support to the neck, allowing a better relaxation of the muscles, and therefore a greater mobility of the vertebrae.
    - The pillows / pillows in Rollo Fill (MicroRollo, Rollofill) have the synthetic lining closest to the characteristics of the feather, are very soft and mouldable, guaranteeing excellent support, and thanks to the elastic capacity of the particular padding, they quickly return to shape initial.
    - The feather cushions / pillows (Confort, Nuvola, Carezza, SoftDream) are the softest ever, maintaining support for the garment, they can be fluffed, folded and shaped to your liking. They remain fresh and very breathable
    - The wool and cotton pillows are particularly natural and soft, they contain all the beneficial characteristics of the fibers that compose them, but they are a little more delicate for washing.
    - Cushions for specific problems such as lumbar support, gastric antireflux, or leg support.
    - For the most demanding who want to always carry their own pillow, we also have the pillow / travel pillow, comfortable and easy to fold up.

Choose the perfect pillow for you, to always rest at its best.


How to wash the pillows?
Pillows / pillows in memory latex or polyurethane cannot be washed completely as these pads are not washable. These cushions are normally removable, and the cover is washable separately.
The other pillows made with padding in hypoallergenic polyester fiber or feather can be washed with a cycle for delicate at 40 ° C with liquid detergent. As far as feather pillows are concerned, once washed they should be sprinkled to redistribute the feathers evenly.
When to change the pillows?
There is no precise rule for replacing the pillows, in general they should be replaced every 3-4 years, to always have a fresh and hygienic product. Despite washing the pillows, they can hold small amounts of bacteria inside them that do not favor the well-being of the user, in addition over time even high-quality products are subject to physiological declines that make them less comfortable.

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