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Soft And Soft c/o Pezzoli Audilio snc via Coriano, 58 blk 67/A Gros Rimini - 47924 Rimini (Rn)
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Welcome to the realm of household linen. SoftandSoft is the online shop which sells household linen on behalf of Audilio Pezzoli s.n.c. Ingrosso which, thanks to its seventy-year-old experience in the field of household linen, is able to meet every requirement offering high quality products at reasonable prices. We merchandize brands like Laura Biagiotti, Anne Geddes, Somma, Gabel, Zucchi, Molina, Caleffi, Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Bassetti, Fazzini, Royal Cover, Happidea, Tag, Winx, Wrestling, Mordillo, Lupo Alberto, Vallesusa, GF Ferrari and Tessitura Randi, as well as our Soft&Soft line based on high quality towels and sheets. We offer trousseaus, cotton, percale, linen and linen blend sheets, maxi sheets and flannel sheets, quilts, duvets, bedcovers, blankets, towels, bathrobes, eiderdowns, duvet covers, duvet cover sets, tablecloths, placemats, runners, carpets, mats, bamboo carpets, summer bedcovers, cotton bedcovers, bedside rugs, pillows, mattress covers, anti-allergy lines, cushions, beach towels, sofa covers, wool and cashmere blankets, fleece rugs, curtains, cots, bumpers, bibs and linen for single, double and three-quarter beds. Here the key to our success: a wide range of items, reasonable prices and prompt deliveries.