What is the difference between duvet quilt and comforter?

Quilt comforter or duvet we make a little clarity:

Comforter or Quilt are the same thing, meaning a padded bedspread of winter weight to put on the bed and use with under the sheets. They are the same size as the bedspread, the standard sizes are generally 260x260 cm or 270x270 cm for the double, 170x260 cm for the single and 220x260 cm for the square and a half bed. Made externally with a colored patterned or plain fabric and with the classic checkered quilting; the padding of these garments are both synthetic and wool (now very little used) and goose down (in its composition variants: 100% down, 90% down and 10% small feathers, etc.)

trapunta jacquard 100% piumino d'oca

On the other hand, the duvet is the one that is used inside the duvet cover, when you make the bed you put it under the mattress cover sheet and above the sack with the duvet inside. It has a slightly smaller size than the quilt, generally the standard size for the double bed is 250x200 cm, the single size is 150x200 cm, and the one for a single bed is 200x200 cm; it is made with a white fabric (the external fabrics are either in cotton or microfibre or polyester) and are available with both synthetic and natural and goose down padding (the down padding is not all the same, but it differs considerably in terms of quality and price). With the duvet you can choose different weights of padding, there is a winter weight, a summer weight, a spring weight, or the 4 Seasons (consisting of two duvets, a light summer one and a medium one for mid-season, which are joined together to form in winter the right weight down jacket for the coldest season). The duvet is normally used inside the duvet cover, but today many people also use it instead of the wool blanket under a summer bedspread, they are personal choices.

They are two different ways of making the bed for winter, both of which guarantee excellent comfort is just a personal choice.


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