Choose the best bedspread for you

The perfect bedspread.

How to choose the best bedspread for our bed. Let SoftandSoft advise you in choosing the bedspread, with our over 70 years in the field of linen, we select the best products at the most competitive prices.

The bedspread is the object that completes the bed and defines the style of the room, there are many types, from the simplest to the most valuable, for every need, and in our Bedspread section you will find them all, double, single, three-quarter bed, use the filters to select the one you prefer.

To begin with, you need to know who the bedspread is for, if we think of the kids' bedroom, you will go on cheerful bedspreads both in fancy and plain colors, but easy to wash and iron, and offers a wide choice of bedspreads for kids; it is useful to decide also the season in which we want to use our bedspread and how we want to use it, there are some (for example those in cotton piquet) which used alone are good only for the summer season, but with a blanket below you can use it even in the cooler seasons like summer or autumn. Another type of bedspread are the "quilts" quilted bedspreads with a light padding (100 sqm) that are used from spring to autumn, but in lower latitudes they are fine even in winter. So another element to consider is the temperatures in the area in which we live, clearly a bedspread that is used in winter in Sicily will not be the same as that used in Trentino.

Once you have decided if a heavy fabric bedspread or a quilt is better for us, you move on to the characteristics of the fabric with which it is made; there are many fabrics from the simplest cottons to damasked cotton satins, to the new fabrics in cotton and polyester, which combine the characteristics of the two fibers, up to the microfibre bedspreads, soft to the touch unbeatable but washable only in cold water, at most warm, because they are very sensitive to heat.

One thing to look at is also the size of the bedspreads, often the cheaper bedspreads, to make them less expensive they are smaller sizes not perfectly full, and can be a bit short. For example, a bedspread is always double even if there are various sizes: cm 270x270 cm 260x270 cm 260x260 cm 250x260 cm 260x240 etc. and the measure affects the cost of the product.

If we consider the quilts, in addition to the fabric the size and type of padding, the quilting also affects the cost, the thicker it is and the closer the stitches are, the more they are, in addition to quilting and quilting placed centered on the bed.

It seems a complicated thing, but to make things easier on our site the price is proportional to the quality of the product, sometimes there are still bedspreads offered, and you can buy high quality products at exceptional prices.

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