Soft & Soft is a "Web Store" by "Audilio Pezzoli, a company which was founded in Rimini in 1937 thanks to the commitment of its founder, Mr. Audilio Pezzoli. Developed as the “Soft and Soft” Web Store in 2006, offering guests a wide range of household linen belonging to the best brands. Thanks to the seventy-year-old experience the “Audilio Pezzoli” company has developed throughout the years, Soft & Soft is synonymous with high quality services and boasts numerous brands and advantageous conditions. The great attention we place over Customers, our high quality products and the moderateness of our wholesale outlet are the same services which characterize our On-Line offer, thanks to the instruments to contact us we provide (4 telephone lines, e-mail and so on) in order to attract people who want to become our Customers.
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