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Genius 4D SOFACOVER two seater stretch Anti-stain Biancaluna

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Very practical and easy to use, Universal, CD Genius the Elastic Sofa Cover for two-seater sofas in the Collection & quot; Genius & quot; of Biancaluna, PROTECT your sofa in a practical and elegant way.
Perfect both to protect the sofa and to change its look quickly and economically.
STACK: The fabric of the sofa cover has the technology # Antimacchia & quot; Guardian & quot; which guarantees the sofa cover a particular resistance to all liquids, greases and to the substances that they stain; you will literally see liquids floating on the fabric of your Genius. Baster & agrave; place without any pressure the sponge "Guardian", which you find in all the packs of Genius structure, to remove the staining liquids.

The roofing systems are made of a bielastic fabric to increase its fit; and adapt very well to a wide range of furnishing products.
Genius sofa covers are doubled, have a sofa frame and a cushion cover and are sold separately .
You can compose the colors of your sofa as you wish, by choosing the color of the cover and the color of the pillowcases.
Sofa cover for two-seater sofa, that is; for sofas from cm.140 to cm.180 of espalier width.
Suitable for all types of sofa, even those with fixed seat cushions.
Fabric: Piquet 97% Polyester 3% Elastomer


Very practical: 30 ° wash in the washing machine, & nbsp; does not need ironing.

& nbsp;
Made in Italy Sofa cover.
Italian product 100%

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