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PANDA Soft Bathrobe - Housecoat made of Bamboo fibre

Soft Bathrobe made of Bamboo fiber.
soft to the touch, super absorbent, resistant to washing, quick drying.
The perfect object: it can be used as ROBE or due to its softness as dressing gown.
Model Hooded wiht bele and pockets.
The robe's refined textile engineering, Terry inside and terry chenille outside, enhance the absorbency and elegant softness.
Natural and organic has properties and exceptional benefits. Soft to the touch, with a hand similar to that of silk, lightweight yet durable, highly breathable and antibacterial course.
Due to its physical properties, the bamboo fiber is able to absorb and evaporate human sweat in a few seconds without any Chimco process, thus avoiding rash or allergic reactions and maintaining the body temperature at a fair level. Even after repeated washing this natural fiber retains the properties of good stability, resistance to piege, anti-pilling and its antibacterial nature.

Composition: 45% Bamboo 20% Cotton 35% Polyester.

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