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PANDA Soft Bathrobe - Housecoat made of Bamboo fibre

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Very soft bathrobe made of bamboo fibre.

Wrap yourself in a luxurious pampering with our Bamboo Fiber Bathrobe, an exceptionally soft and indulgent piece of bathwear. This bathrobe is the perfect combination of comfort, functionality and style, designed to transform your moment of relaxation after a bath or shower into an extraordinary experience.

**Very soft to the touch:** Bamboo fiber is known for its extremely soft sensation to the touch, which delicately pampers your skin. Each garment is designed to envelop you in an embrace of comfort that will make you feel like you are in a luxury spa.

**Super Absorbent:** This bathrobe is highly absorbent, capable of drying your body quickly. Forget about wringing and dabbing vigorously after bathing. Bamboo fiber absorbs moisture efficiently, leaving you dry and comfortably wrapped.

**Wash Resistant:** Durability is key, and our bamboo fiber bathrobe is designed to last. Even after numerous washes, it will retain its softness and structural integrity, becoming a trusted companion for many years.

**Quick Drying:** Unlike other fabrics, bamboo fiber dries incredibly quickly. This means that your bathrobe will always be ready to use, even when time is limited.

The perfect object: it can be used as a BATHROBE or given its great softness also as a dressing gown.

Model with hood, belt and pockets.

The refined textile engineering of the bathrobe, with the internal side in sponge and the external side in chenille, enhance its absorbency and elegant softness.

Bamboo fiber is gentle on the skin and kind to the environment.
It is natural and organic and has exceptional properties and benefits.

Very soft to the touch, with a hand comparable to that of silk, light but resistant, highly breathable and naturally antibacterial.
Thanks to its physical properties, bamboo fiber is able to absorb and evaporate human sweat in a few seconds without any chemical process, thus avoiding skin or allergic reactions and maintaining body temperature at the right level.

Available in a range of sophisticated colours, it is perfect for any occasion, whether it is a daily wellness ritual or a special occasion.

Take a step towards everyday luxury and pamper yourself with our bamboo fiber bathrobe. Whether you want to wrap yourself in warmth after a bath or enjoy a relaxing morning, this bathrobe will be your ideal companion. Buy now and discover maximum comfort and well-being for yourself

Even after repeated washing, this natural fiber retains its properties of good stability, crease resistance, anti-pilling and its antibacterial nature.

Composition: 45% Bamboo, 20% Cotton, 35% Polyester.



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